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The Čekárny - bus company in Zábřeh since 1990 has been focusing on the production of bus waiting rooms, stops, street furniture, benches and waste bins. Part of our production is also post-warranty service including spare parts supply. We do the installation not only in the whole Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia.

Locksmithing, production and metal production:

Bus waiting and stops
- are intended primarily for small and medium-sized municipalities or towns or for suburban conurbations of large cities
- the roof is covered with high-quality shingles and can be selected from five shades
- perimeter walls (wood panels, polycarbonate panels, glass perimeter walls)
- waiting room and stop equipment (bench, corner waiting, waste bins, timetable box, stop sign)
- street furniture

Information areas and showcases:

- information outdoor showcases stand-alone
- one-sided, double-sided or wall-mounted display cases
- billboards
- glass showcases
- welcome board
- cemetery showcases
- showcases with a magnetic plate

Bins and shelters for waste containers:

- waste bins (with canopy, wall, portable, non-portable)
- shelter for waste bins

Signs and indicators:

- Information signpost
- Information Billing System
- wall or mast street signs

Cast iron benches can be selected from different types, namely:

- double-sided
- unilateral

Stands and barriers:

- bicycle racks
- chain barriers

We are professionals in the production of bus stops and accessories in the form of waiting rooms, shelter and more. Our professionalism is evidenced in particular by the fact that we have built more than 2, 000 installations throughout the Czech and Slovak Republic.

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