MANUS Prostejov, spol. s r.o.


šikmá schodišťová plošina

The company from the Czech Republic, a member of the European Union, produces and supplies:
- lifting platforms for people with reduced mobility and orientation (vertical and sloping platforms, stairway seats), home elevators, freight platforms
- platforms for the immobile, wheelchair platforms, vertical lifting platforms, sloping staircase platforms, lifting platforms, platforms for wheelchair access, platforms for disabled people, mobile stair climber, ramps, stairway seats
- complete consultancy in the field of platforms, training
- free collaboration with designers (drawing of platforms into construction working drawings)
- "turnkey" supply of platforms incl. provision of necessary construction work for installation of platforms
- measurement of a place for execution of a contract, production and professional installation on site at customer's location
- atypical solutions according to customer's requirements incl. colour solution (according to the RAL sampler) and used materials (eg. stainless steel version)
- customer service, inspection activities, provision of regular inspections
- overhauls.

Types of platforms:
- CPM 300 type - sloping staircase platform with possibility of cornering, run up and down (length and shape of a track is not limited, max. length of about 50 m, the platform can only run on the inner part of a track - it must go around a staircase mirror, not around walls)
- IPM 300 type - sloping staircase platform with straight track
- NPM 250 type - vertical lifting platform (hydraulic drive) up to lift of 1700 mm (no bearing wall or a structure is necessary)
- VP 100 type - vertical lifting platform (electromechanical drive with two chains) up to lift of about 10 m (one bearing wall or an auxiliary steel structure for track mounting is necessary).

Sphere of activity: the Czech Republic, Europe

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