SUMMA spol. s r.o.


Komorový postřikový stroj - karuselový

SUMMA spo. s.r.o. is a company that comes from the Czech Republic, a member of the European Union, and produces machines for parts or components degreasing. We focus on machines for spray cleaning, degreasing or washing, with the subsequent possibility of passivation and phosphating. Our manufacturing programme also includes an ultrasonic vat (line), spray tunnel or oil skimmer.

Development, production, delivery - industrial degreasing and cleaning systems:
- equipment for industrial degreasing and cleaning with a subsequent possibility of passivation and phosphating
- equipment for collecting oils (oil skimmer)
- machines and equipment for interoperation cleaning, degreasing of components and parts after machining, after forming, before and after hardening, before assembling, with possibility of achieving high cleanness, preparation of surfaces before varnishing.

- machines for easy applications, spray cleaning, ultrasonic vats.

For cleaning to achieve a required surface quality (measurement of residual grease or maximal amount and size of mechanical impurities) we produce multioperational machines, combining the following technologies:
- pressure spraying, ultrasonic immersion, pressure whirling immersion, including vacuum drying.

These machines are supplied as ventricular or continuous vat - tunnel.

They provide cleaning and degreasing of high number of parts, with an emphasis on quality.

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