Stroje pro vytlacovani vyfukovani plastu

The main activity of our company is the design, manufacture and delivery of machines, laboratory lines for extrusion, blow molding of plastic and extrusion tools. We use the latest version of SolidEdge 3D CAD software for design purposes. The cavity shapes of the extrusion heads are designed using the Virtual Extrusion Laboratory simulation and optimization program from COMPUPLAST International. We produce tools mainly for companies in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Austria, Poland, Romania or even in Ghana in Africa.
In the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova we represent Labtech Engineering, one of the most successful companies in the world in the production and supply of laboratory machines and equipment for plastics processing.

Production, designs:
  - machinery for extrusion and blow molding of plastics
  - extrusion heads, gauges and lines
  - heads for the production of tubular foils
  - sheathing, granulating heads
  - replacement filters for extrusion process
  - auxiliary equipment.

Extrusion tools:
 - extrusion heads
 - Evacuated cooling gauges and tubs
 - applicable to thermally unstable materials

We supply, manufacture extrusion tools for:
 - soft profiles - gaskets, garden hoses with coextruded bands, transparent hoses for healthcare
 - hard profiles - tapes, window profiles
 - coextruded profiles - window profiles with coextruded sealing strip, profiles with addition of colored strips
 - tubes - thin-walled and thick-walled tubes with the possibility of coextrusion of colored strips
 - tubular and flat foils.

Extrusion lines:
 - supplied with tools
 - for extrusion heads of larger sizes we supply equipment for hanging, transporting, disassembling or cleaning heads
 - use of gear pump - prevents fluctuations in the dimensions of the extruded product.
We supply, manufacture including regulation and wiring of extrusion lines for:
 - pipes and tubes
 - foils and boards
 - profiles
 - Strings for 3D printers.

We also represent the German company Schwing Technology in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company is engaged in a complete supply of thermal cleaning furnaces for plastic contaminated parts (molds, screws, melt breakers, etc.)

Since 2017 we have also represented GMA MACHINERY ENTERPRISE - Taiwan's largest manufacturer of flat film heads, corrugated board boards (plastic carton) for both mono-extrusion and co-extrusion. Heads without and with adjustable braking bridge, automatic heads with slot regulation by thermo screws. The company also produces Feed Blocky for up to 9 layers, melt gear pumps with regulation, melt filters, static mixing sections ...

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