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Rohoze, podlahy, podlahoviny

  • plastic sections for plasterboards, profiles for thermal insulation, facing end sections, bath sections, ventilation grilles, expansion sections for pavement, expansion sections for concrete

  • home textiles, laying of carpets, piece carpets, carpets sold by meter, heavy-duty carpet, runners and doormats

  • laminate floating floors, laying of floor coverings, vinyl tiles, home linoleum, modern floor systems

  • building security, protection of people and property, security equipment, warning signalling, parking systems, barriers and turnstiles

  • high pressure washing machines, industrial vacuum cleaners, floor cleaning machines, sweeping machines, carpet cleaners, brush vacuum cleaners, floor washers

  • manufacture of road signs, installation of retarders, horizontal traffic signing, traffic sign maintenance

  • disposable plastic wraps, food wraps, plastic beverage cups, plastic trays, plastic snow shovels

  • artificial grass, tartan and acrylate surface, coarse granulate, clay and grass surface, rubber pads

  • nonwoven fabrics, filtration and waterproof fabrics, window netting, laminated canvas cloths, jute fabrics

Company FLOMAT s.r.o. is engaged in retail and wholesale sales of mats, carpets, cleaning zones, anti-slip flooring and industrial floors from proven Czech and foreign suppliers.

As e-shop FLOMAT.cz we operate all over the Czech Republic, we have 3000 dispensing points, provide parcel and pallet transport anywhere including Slovakia and Poland. In the vicinity of Ostrava you can use our delivery van.

FLOMAT.cz, it is also retail and wholesale entrance mats, cleaning zones and anti-slip protection, industrial flooring.

Entrance mats:
- plastic
- metal
- rubber
- coconut
- textile
- brushed
- footage
- outdoor
- internal
- staircase
- mats with logo
- cleaning zones
- frames for entrance mats and cleaning zones
- accessories and accessories for entrance cleaning mats.

Cleaning zones:
- carpeting
- brushed
- coconut
- rubber
- outdoor
- inter doors, doors.

Anti-slip protection:
- Step steps
- non-slip tapes, mats, mats, sprays
- stair mats, edges, moldings
- anti-slip accessories and accessories.

- lump
- footage
- children
- housing
- stress
- grass
- treads
- carpet tiles

Main assortment:
- industrial mats - non-slip, anti-fatigue, oil resistant
- entrance cleaning mats and mats - textile, rubber, plastic, coconut
- rubber and plastic floors and flooring
- fitness floors and mats
- cleaning zones - carpet, aluminum and metal mats
- stair mats
- bathroom, pool and shower mats
- Shoe racks, footwear
- floor marking - marking sprays and paints, marking floor strips safety marking.

Custom production:
- entrance cleaning mats, industrial mats as well as tailor-made pool and bathroom mats.

Every day we are available to tens to hundreds of customers, whom we try to advise on the selection and deliver the selected goods as soon as possible, or arrange the production of tailor-made products.


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