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Turnkey family houses, reconstruction of houses and administrative built-in halls in the districts of Brno-venkov, Znojmo and Mikulov are provided by Building company EKOČEK s.r.o.

Company EKOČEK s.r.o. was founded in 2010, whose main focus was the purchase and sale of building materials. After the reorganization of the company - since 2015, it has become fully focused on construction as its main activity.

We realize constructions:

- residential: new buildings, turnkey family houses, family house reconstruction, housing construction

- non-residential: built-in industrial halls, construction work for non-residential premises in administrative buildings, construction of industrial halls, renovation of existing buildings

Complementary branch of our activity are locksmith elements - gates, railings, balconies, staircases, customized racks and more.

We are also selling building materials.

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+420 736 631 508

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