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Vybaveni kovoobrabecich dilen Zlin

Company VABEX s.r.o. operates as a manufacturer and seller of metalworking workshop equipment. It supplies clamping tools - magnetic chucks, machine vices, chamfering tools, industrial marking and gauges.

Our e-shop is available to clients from all over the Czech Republic.
We supply throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. Transport is provided by contractual carriers.

We provide advice, customer service.

Wholesale, retail, sale, eshop, e-shop:
 - machine vices:
   - classic, abrasive, split, hydraulic, mechanical, modular, stainless, pneumatic, handy, self-centering, sine, tilting
 - spare parts, jaws for machine vices
 - milling-boring - milling clamping head, precision boring, finishing head
 - turning - rotary turning tips, fixed tips, driving heart
 - collets, precision collets, collet chucks, collet chucks, chucks
 - milling and drilling chucks, lathe
 - universal electric chamferers
 - industrial marking
 - tools for metalworking workshops:
   - milling cutters with corner radius 4-flute, TK universal finishing, TK roughing, TK universal for aluminum alloys, double-edged radius, TK threaded screw M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M16, M20
   - milling cutters with shank angular, face and angular
   - countersinks with guide pin, with drill 180 °, 90 °
   - NC drills
   - SK drills with internal cooling
 - tool sharpeners - milling cutters, drills, spare grinding wheels
 - dressers - sinusoidal, hand tangential, precise radius and angle dresser
 - circular saws
 - Angle washers, angle washer sets, precision V-blocks
 - stops, clamps
 - demagnetisers
 - magnetic chucks - magnetic chucks, magnetic sine plate with permanent magnet, circular permanent magnetic chuck
 - gauges:
   - 3-inch internal micrometer, digital toe gauge, steel gauge blocks, gauge sets, mechanical touch probe, digital micrometer, analog micrometer gauge, micrometer depth gauge, tool height gauge, pressure gauges, lever gauges, digital, calipers, mechanical spirit levels, thread gauges
 - Tapping machines
 - lighting - halogen lamps, LED lamps.

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