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Schuh Industry Group is a company from the Czech Republic, a member state of the European Union. The company provides high-quality services in the field of industrial assembly, pipe installation, welding and personal dealing. We focus not only on orders throughout the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia and abroad.

We occupy with mediation of orders in various industries such as chemical, food, energy and wood processing industry, automotive, bioenergy and others.

The main activity of the company is the fulfillment of orders from the field of construction, installation and welding of pipelines and various steel components, industrial equipment or technological units. We also carry out installations in the fields of water, gas, heating and energy.

We focus on suppliers - both natural persons and smaller and larger companies from the mentioned industries. We will carry out orders of large, medium and small scale.

Our goal is to provide the client with reliable service providers for the fulfillment of small and large projects to the maximum satisfaction of the customer.

Pipeline installation and welding
- pre-insulated pipelines, steam pipelines and hot pipelines, ductless distributions from pre-insulated pipelines, complete boiler rooms, heat exchanger stations, pipelines for cooling and air conditioning, pipelines for medical and food purposes, storage tanks

Installation of industrial equipment
- construction of pipeline systems and installation of pipelines for mechanical and automated industrial equipment, installation of pipeline systems for production lines and machines for the production and processing of various materials, sorting and recycling facilities, biogas stations

Installation of technological units
- construction of technological units for industrial sectors (chemical and metallurgical industry, oil and gas processing, hot water pipelines, pipeline systems of thermal power plants and steam boilers)
- production and assembly of pressure units (gas distributions, pressure vessels, chambers, heating devices, etc.).

We are connected with the company SD Install, which has been operating in the industrial assembly market for more than 10 years. We provide services in the field of installation of heating systems, installation of pipelines, installation of industrial lines in various industries.


industrial assembly, pipeline installation, welding, personal dealing Czech Republic

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