MONTPLAST Uhersky Brod s.r.o.

Company MONTPLAST Uherský Brod s.r.o. is engaged in the production of plastic windows, aluminum windows, doors. It produces custom-made high-quality plastic windows, interior and entrance doors, doors, shutters, awnings and Japanese walls including atypical or oversized products on modern CNC machines.

It operates in locality Zlínský kraj, Olomoucký and Jihomoravský kraj.

Product lines:
- PVC windows
- Interior door
- PVC and aluminum entrance doors
- Wing and sectional doors
- Shielding technology

Advantages of our products:
- Easy maintenance
- Long life
- Wide range of colors
- Individual dimensions including atypical elements
- Excellent thermal and noise insulation properties
- Design
- Variability of accessories (handles, etc.)

- Consulting
- Examples of design
We also offer:
- Rental of Glassworker manipulator for easy installation of glass in interior and exterior
- Rental of MADEA mini crane including service
- Rental of vacuum equipment.

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MONTPLAST Uhersky Brod s.r.o.


U Olsavy 2541
Uhersky Brod 688 01
+420 572 692 055

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