BOHME CZ spol. s. r.o.

The company BÖHME CZ spol. s.r.o. from Slušovice is a manufacturer and supplier of sanitary and toilet partitions made of high quality materials such as laminated chipboard or HPL board in conjunction with an anodised aluminum frame construction.
We supply sanitary partitions and WC partitions not only to manufacturers of residential containers, but also to industrial buildings, schools, kindergartens, nurseries, swimming pools and other public spaces.

The main products produced by BÖHME CZ include:

Sanitary partitions for WC cabins and urinal screens
 - to separate toilets in public areas (schools, shopping centers, office buildings, etc.).
 - lightweight prefabricated partitions and cabins easily replace lined WC partitions.
 - the installation of partitions can be carried out at any time during construction or reconstruction
 - Chipboard, PUR and HPL in various colors
 - fittings and legs - plastic (with steel core), stainless steel, aluminum

Sanitary partitions for shower screens
 - to separate showers in public areas (schools, swimming pools, dressing rooms, etc.)
 - 100% water resistant.
 - PUR only (white, light gray, beige or color of your choice)
 - fittings and legs -

Sanitary cabins for schools and kindergartens
  - equipped with a special handle and finger protection in accordance with safety regulations
  - cabs are usually lower for easy inspection without opening the door
 - V20 chipboard coated with melamine resin on both sides

All sanitary partitions supplied by us are easy to maintain:
- lightly soiled boards can be treated with a soft, light cloth
- treat strong soiling with soap solution or commercially available cleaning agents (without strong alkaline components)
- Particularly heavy soiling can be removed using acetone

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