MACROFLEX s.r.o. is focused on piping systems with a focus on compensating elements and how to apply them. We supply fabric, rubber, bellows expansion joints, bellows hoses and components in cooperation with Czech and foreign suppliers - Roth, Macoga, Elaflex, Pihasa.

All compensators are designed, manufactured and tested to the required standards and regulations. On our website you will find all the necessary information about the products including the supplied types, assembly instructions, quality control and tests, a table of materials used in the production of compensators and piping, determination of pressure in the compensator on the pipeline.

We supply compensators designed not only for nuclear but also conventional power plants: They are certified, designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the directives.

We are able to solve the problems of strength calculations and pipeline recalculations thanks to a perfect computer design system for these piping calculations.

ISO 9001.
Custom production, delivery:
 - MACOGA corrugated expansion joints
 - fabric compensators ROTH
 - flexible corrugated metal hoses ROTH, MACOGA
 - ELAFLEX rubber expansion joints
 - PIHASA pipe supports and hinges.

Metal bellows expansion joints of MACOGA brand:
 - these compensators solve the problem of pipe shrinkage, extension of lateral pipe systems and angle shifts and pipe vibrations
 - are flexible and can handle deflections in all directions
 - axial expansion joints
 - joint compensators
 - lateral compensators
 - universal expansion joints.

Fabric compensators:
 - these compensators are used to transport gas in the pipeline
 - we use them for the following industries: light, oil and gas heating plants, flue gas desulphurization systems, nitrogen oxide removal systems, waste incinerators, chemical plants, refineries, cement plants and lime works, metallurgical plants, paint application and drying systems, industrial furnaces, ventilation and installation dust filtration systems, fire protection systems ... etc.
 - axial, lateral and angular compensators.

Stainless steel corrugated hoses:
 - stainless steel corrugated hoses are used for flexible connections
 - these hoses can be used for chemicals, steam, water, oil, gas
 - hose fittings.

Rubber compensators Macoga, Elaflex:
 - We offer rubber expansion joints in a wide range of applications and dimensions
 - these expansion joints offer the most efficient solution for the pipeline and at the same time we are able to produce expansion joints for special needs and requirements.

Slide bearings:
 - sliding Teflon plates - are designed to compensate bearing stands for devices with low speed of movement eg pipes, heat exchangers, apparatuses, bridge structures etc.
 - sliding graphite-bronze plates - are also designed to compensate bearing stands for low-speed devices operating at high operating temperatures - pipes, heat exchangers and apparatuses ...

Structural elements:
 - Welding clamps
 - cold pipe fitting
 - stands with sleeve
 - PTFE and graphite-bronze plain plates
 - suspension brackets, bolt brackets, threaded forged
 - clamps with two, three screws and for vertical pipes
 - Flat and round steel yokes
 - Semi-sleeve
 - roller bearing
 - saddles
 - threaded rods and threaded rods with eye
 - threaded rod couplings
 - tensioning nuts
 - threaded lugs
 - swinging support.

Pipe systems are exposed to temperature differences. When transporting media with a different temperature than the ambient temperature, the piping is extended or contracted. Or, the piping may be damaged by vibration that transmits compressors, pumps, or motors to the piping.
The basic movements to compensate are:
 - axial movement - extension or contraction of a part of the pipeline along its axis
 - angular displacement - movement of the longitudinal axis of the bellows into a circular arc
 - transverse movement - shifting one end of the compensator to the other.

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