Asociace gumarenske technologie Zlin s.r.o.
AGT Zlin


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Asociace gumarenske technologie Zlin s.r.o. (Association of rubber technology Zlin Ltd.) from the Czech Republic, which is also a member of the European Union, is engaged in the production, construction and trade of the rubber industry. We carry out rubberizing of rollers, pulleys, wheels. We produce rubber-metal parts, building bladders and we supply vulcanizing molds for tire production.

Engineering for the rubber industry.
Development, design, production and business in the rubber industry field.

- Building bladders for tire production - passenger, truck
- Rubber sleeves
- Rollers coated by expanded, foam rubber
- Rollers covered by black or light rubber
- Solid rubber wheels 750/75-640
- Rubber mechanical goods

Rubberizing of rollers, pulleys and wheels:
- Rollers by microporous rubber with ground surface, eventually with cloth surface
- Technical rollers by rubber compound
- Rubberized rubber pressure rollers
- Rubberized grooved rollers
- Pulleys
- Wheels
- Rollers by expanded rubber in BASIC, ELAST and ELAST SOFT versions

We carry out:
- Repairs of pinch valves ("quetschventil")
- Design and supplies of moulds for tires
- Supplies of spare parts for tire building machines and vulcanization moulds for tyre production
- Grinding of rubber rollers
- Grooving of rubberized rollers.

Toma complex, building n. 27A
765 02 Otrokovice.

Czech Companies:    

Metal surface finish treatment


Rubber belts, hoses and seals


Spare parts for machinery and equipment


rubberizing of rollers, pulleys, wheels, production rubber-metal components, building bladders, rubber membranes, AGT Zlin