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Komenskeho 75
Chropyne 768 11

Chropynska strojirna, a.s.

Chropynska strojirna is a company from the Czech Republic which supplies welding, assembly and conveyor lines for automotive industry. We produce cubings, checking, welding and assembly fixtures, single purpose machines, injection moulds for plastics, checking devices, electrical switchboards and installations.

We also provide all services in the fields of engineering and project leading for industrial lines. To our customers we offer quality innovations and effective solutions.

Engineering manufacture, metalworks, repair, repairs, assembly:
- conveyor technologies, transportation systems:
- suspended transportation systems
- skid conveyor systems
- roller, plate, apron conveyors
- welding and assembly fixtures, fixtures especially for automotive industry

- welding lines
- single purpose machines for various industries, especially for automotive and plastics industry, special purpose machines
- electrical switchboards (distribution, technological, compensating) up to 1600A and 1000V
- injection moulds for plastics, up to 10 tons
- checking, welding, assembly fixtures
- cubing.

Welding lines:
- we supply automatic welding and assembly lines on a turnkey basis
- we design the line, process the time course of the individual operations and create a layout
- we create a 3D and 2D structure including simulations
- we will carry out a complete manufacture and supply the device to the customer where we will program and install everything and put it into operation
- we implement such projects for instance for automotive industries, such as Skoda, Porsche, Audi...etc.

Assembly systems:
- we produce individual assembly fixtures and stations, as well as automatic assembly systems on a turnkey basis
- e.g., large units, such as mounting a chassis into the car body, seats, tanks, doors, axles, cockpit.

Conveyor technologies:
- we produce and install all conveyor technologies - suspended and floor conveyors, skid conveyor technology
- we supply conveyor products and systems on a turnkey basis that are designed to transport large units, such as car bodies, sides or doors.

Injection moulds for plastics:
- we will design, construct, produce and sample injection moulds for larger plastic moldings
- we supply moulds for both large and small series production

Industrial assemblies and installations:
- industrial electrical installations, wiring
- lighting in industrial halls
- electrical installations of technological devices
- production lines control
- industrial traffic signs
- hoisting devices (cranes, lifts, pulley blocks).

Cubing and checking fixtures:
- we are one of the largest producers of these fixtures
- we design, construct and produce cubing and checking devices and put them into operation, all according to the customer's requirements.

Production of machines and devices:
- we carry out custom manufacture of welding, hemming and assembly fixtures, conveyor technology and single purpose machines for car factories
- everything is supplied to the customer, including 3D protocol and 3D measuring instrument
- we can also provide an assembly, if required.

Subsidiaries - 100% share:
- Slavia Production Systems a.s. (Slovakia)
- S.C. Ramira SA (Romania)
- Shanghai Chropynska Automation
- Chropynska Deutschland GmbH.
Subsidiary - 50% share - Technologies Co., Ltd.
Subsidiary - 65% share - GHP Engineering s.r.o.

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Themes: conveyor, welding lines, welding technologies, assembly, checking fixtures, cubing, CZ, the Czech Republic



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Chropynska strojirna, a.s.
Komenskeho 75
Chropyne 768 11
GPS: 49°21′30.89″ N, 17°22′17.76″ E

49°21′30.89″ N, 17°22′17.76″ E

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Komenskeho 75
Chropyne 768 11
+420 573 329 616

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