Ales Lengal
Autoopravna Lengal

Car service, tire service, bodywork, vehicle painting, replacement windshield, in the town of Znojmo will mediate Ales Lengal. We deal with all auto service, tire service. We assemble, repair, inspect and repair LPG equipment, filling and servicing air conditioning.
Adjust the geometry, engines, front axles. We are focused on bodywork and vehicle painting and all mechanical repairs of foreign vehicles.

Car service, service:
-personal cars (all types)
- mechanical parts of vehicles, painting,
 plumbing work
- body work
-assembly and inspection, repair of LPG gas propulsion
-Adjustment, overhaul of engines
-carriages, gearboxes, axles, brakes
- replacement and mechanical testing of shock absorbers
-preparation and transport to MOT
-geometry of front axles
- towing equipment
-service filling air conditioning, filling, repair, ozone disinfection
-decarbonisation of the injection system
-concentration PN
-change windscreens, windshields
Tire service, tire replacement.

Retail, sale:
- spare parts for cars
- accumulators
-Oil, lubricants, car cosmetics.
Exclusive representation of METEOR (import spare parts).

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Unanov c.28
Unanov 671 31
+420 515 228 743

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