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  • central heating radiators, gas heating radiators, radiator valves, radiator cocks, safety heating valves, bleed valves

  • electronic security systems, accessories of electronic security systems, CCTV and camera systems, communication systems, fire alarms

  • telephone exchange, VoIP gateways and routers, telephone apparatuses, VoIP phones, walkie-talkies and handheld transceivers, radio transmitters, wireless stations

  • electric power measurement, faulty circuit breaker, electricity meter installation, low voltage inspection, electricity meter distribution boards

  • air conditioning units, heating and cooling, control devices, industrial filtration, special fans

  • language courses for companies, special courses for businesses, evening classes for firms, lectures for staff, adult education

Company ELEKTROSLUŽBA CZ s.r.o. has been operating on the Czech market since 1992 and provides electrical installation services. In a wide range of services you will find assembly, inspection, wiring, projection, training and non-stop breakdown service. We provide our services to both individuals and legal entities or companies throughout the Highlands.

We focus mainly on repairs, reconstructions, revisions and complete wiring works. Twice a month we organize training in the field of electro to check Decree 50/1978 Coll. The training is always completed with an oral exam and a written test. Both individuals and companies can participate in the training.

We provide complete electrical work and electrical design for:

- intercoms
- videophones
- sensors
- cameras
- lightning conductors
- circuit breakers
- Timers
- switchboards
- revisions for residential units, family houses and companies and civic amenities buildings

Design, installation, revision:

- electrical equipment
- lightning conductors
- electric hand tools, electrical appliances, working with machines, lightning conductors, electrical equipment up to 1000V.

We sell material for electricity and we also sell and assemble:

- electric heating
- direct heating panels
- heating cables for floor heating
- direct-heating electric boilers
- convectors
- ceiling heating foils
- halogen heat infrared heaters
- guard 1/4 hour maximum
- measuring and control technology, regulation of gas boiler rooms
- room thermostats for heating
- air conditioning units
- air cleaners.


- breakdown service (emergency) electro
- electrical projection
- wiring
- Infrared illumination
- installation of intercoms, videophones
- failure service electro 24.hod
- we provide training for Decree 50/78 FB
- installation of intercoms and video telephones

We are ISO 9001 certified, which proves our professionalism and precision of work. We are experts in electrical installations and wiring in the Vysočina Region.

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ELEKTROSLUZBA CZ s.r.o. - Cestmir Tisl


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