SYNPO, akciova spolecnost
Specialiste na barvy Pardubice

Synpo JSC. Pardubice company produces paints for high quality varnishing of metals and plastics. These are products of Akrylmetal, Veromix and Zirafinol lines.
Paints which we produce find use in painting of cars, trams, buses or motorcycles. Products of Akrylmetal, Veromix and Zirafinol lines meet the strictest environmental regulations, nevertheless all aesthetical, chemical and resistance parameters of our paints are retained.
We are not only a producer and supplier of varnishes and industrial paints, but we also offer consulting and solutions to problems in surface treatment. Possibility of mixing of shade according to your requirement, short delivery time and delivery to your company or home are taken for granted.
To learn more about our Akrylmetal, Veromix and Zirafinol products, please contact us, we will be pleased to answer all your questions.

Research and development:
- Synthetic resins
- Coating compounds
- Adhesives
- Laminates.
Production and sale:
- Coatings for car repair services
- Varnishes, car paints
- Sealants
- Custom manufacturing of paints
- BROOKFIELD viscosimeters.

Accredited laboratories for testing and evaluation and chemical analyses.

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SYNPO, akciova spolecnost


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