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Czech manufacturer of concrete roofing BESK

Valuable, strong, durable concrete roofing made of high quality sands is a precision product of BESK s.r.o.

Concrete roof tiles excel in their properties.
You can choose between smooth or matte finish. They have an attractive look. They are frost-resistant, solid and have a lifespan of up to 80 years. It is a concrete roof covering at a reasonable price.

It is made of Portland cement, and iron oxide is used as a dye. It is also used in the production of quartz sand. The surface of the roofing is treated with double acrylic spray top quality.

 - concrete roof covering for roofs BESK EXTRA
 - basic bag
 - half bag
 - ventilation bag
 - outer bag
 - universal shielding flange
 - comb
 - end comb
 - distributive comb - Y
 - distributive comb - T
 - distributive comb - X
 - snow bag
 - folded basic bag
 - folded bag
 - basic desk bag
 - half wallet bag
 - conductor bag - galvanized
 - conductor bag - copper
 - lightning rod - galvanized
 - lightning rod - galvanized

Sales - roof accessories:
 - wooden roof windows
 - plastic gutters, downspouts
 - Ventilation belt of the comb
 - universal ventilation strip ridge and corners-self-adhesive
 - Rack clip
 - concrete ridge closure
 - rack and corner slat holder
 - protective ventilation grille combined
 - simple ventilation grille
 - protection belt against birds
 - valleys - copper
 - valleys - aluminum
 - the sealing strip cuts the polyethylene
 - snow hook
 - bracket holder
 - Snowmobile grille
 - Dormers
 - air bag complete
 - Flex hose bag ventilation
 - mast bushing
 - Light bag
 - bag clip
 - under-roof foil contactless jutafol 110
 - contact foil BESK NOROC 135g / m2
 - Rising platform 80 x 25 cm
 - platform 40 x 25 cm
 - sealing strip of chimneys Ekobit - Cu
 - sealing strip of chimneys Ekobit - Al
 - screw for end comb
 - Screw for distributor comb
 - clip of cut bags

Another services:
 - arranging the laying of roofing
 - price calculation
 - hire purchase, 10% down payment.



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