Tomes-vyroba stavebnich hmot s.r.o.

Tomeš-výroba stavebních hmot s.r.o.

Production, manufacture, sale:
-building materials
-certified building systems of supplementary heat insulation on the bases of basalt wool (ORSILTHERM, ROCK WOOL ST, KERATHERM ST - facing strips) and polystyrene (RENOP THERM 2 ST)
-frostproof building adhesives
-building adhesives for heat insulating trowel-finished systems
-pasty plasterings - acrylic, silicate
-finish improved plasters both for external and internal use
-adhesives for shaped bricks of precision walling (YTONG, HEBEL, POROBETON)
-joint mortars
-renovation system for walling masonry drying
-penetration for masonry paints and heat insulating systems
-penetration of critical bridge
-self-levelling mortars SMV.
Materials are certified under CZ mark of state testing room, produced from components according to DIN standards.
Masonry and interior paints.

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