Nastrojarna PALABA s.r.o.

Commercial tool shop with a long tradition.

We offer our customers products in the field of:
 - injection molds for plastic moldings
 - small molds for Babyplast presses
 - sheet metal stamping tools
 - molds for casting metal parts
 - plastic moldings in small series
 - precision machined parts in single and small series

We can also produce for you:
 - molds for injection molding of plastic parts
 - pressing tools for sheet metal parts
 - preparations
 - molds for casting metal parts.
We offer cooperation on precision machine tools:
 - CNC EDM cutting and sinking
 - CNC milling
 - flat and round grinding
 - Precise turning, milling and drilling.

We also assemble, maintain and polish molds, jigs and tools and their parts.

Our company is equipped with CNC cutter, sinker, milling machine and machining center, lathes, grinders, presses and other machines and tools for perfect tooling work.

We cooperate with companies such as:
 Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Czech
 nkt cables
 NS Kunststofftechnik CZ
 Robert Bosch Ceske Budejovice
 Stanley Black & Decker
 Tools & Dies Consultant
 Tokai Rika CZ

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Slany 274 01
+420 603 232 466

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