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Jumar s.r.o.

  • floor laying, floor grinding, renovation of parquet floors, floor waxing, laying of carpets, carpet removall

  • climbing equipment, work at height, window cleaning, facade cleaning, building upkeep, repairs of historical monuments

  • mobile aluminium scaffolding, working platforms, self-propelled telescopic boom lift, work at height

  • handling devices, machinery for warehouses, cranes and lifting machinery

  • electrical installations in new buildings, electrical installations in reconstructed buildings, house electrical wiring, lightning conductor installation, electrical revisions

  • roof insulation, building jacketing, thermal and sound insulation, thermal insulation and coatings, rehabilitation of humid masonry

  • water piping installation, water connections, water distribution and sewer system, installation of water meters, installation of water taps

  • drying of damp masonry, moisture remediation, ecological waterproofing of buildings, preparation of remediation projects

  • building activities, thermal insulation of buildings, replacement of windows and doors, energy saving, aesthetic appearance of building

  • comfort of sanitary facilities, wall and floor tiling, sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, sanitary unit reconstruction

Construction activity, work at heights, scaffolding, scaffolding rental, scaffolding assembly Entered / Edited.

Insulation of facades in Prague
Insulation of facades in Prague
Scaffolding work Prague
Installation of insulation Prague
Thermal insulation systems throughout the country
Thermal insulation of prefabricated houses throughout the country
Reconstruction and revitalization

  - prefabricated houses
  - thermal insulation of buildings
  - renovation of buildings
  - roof repairs
  - reconstruction of sanitary units
  - replacement of windows
  - remediation of old thermal insulation systems
  - reconstruction of access routes
  - lift reconstruction
  - reconstruction of floors.

We also provide:
  - facade and interior plaster
  - renovation of large-scale buildings
  - building inspections
  - repairs, painting of bridges and structures
  - Free quote processing
  - assembly of thermal insulation systems KZS, PZS including
  - thermal audit
  - color studies
  - building permit
  - interior - painting.

Reconstruction of buildings:
  - complete reconstruction
  - project, audit, statics
  - building permit
  - repair of facades
  - repair joints
  - Sealing
  - repair of static faults and cross connections.

Reconstruction - roof repairs:
  - reconstruction including project
  - audit
  - building permit
  - replacement, repair
  - regeneration
  - insulation
  - supply of windows including assembly and adjustment.

  - balcony tiles
  - Hydro isolation
  - balcony glazing.

  - replacement of railings
  - repair of railings
  - delivery, assembly.

  - Hydro isolation
  - insulation
  - various repairs.

  - elektro
  - water
  - gas
  - revisions.

  - repair of lifts
  - replacement of lifts.
Removal of debris and construction waste.
We will process the application for state subsidies.

Possibility of repaying the price of the work according to customer requirements
JUMAR Ltd. is included in the GREEN SAVINGS program as a certified implementation company.

Thermal insulation of facades of residential buildings in Prague.

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