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Zenklova 614/162
Praha 8 - Kobylisy 180 00

PRINTEK - Ing. Petr Nachtman

Printek has been producing, supplying and printing eco-friendly promotional items since 1990.
Our range of products and services is extensive, covering several thousand items.
Printing technology is digital, tampon,
transfer, as well as flat and rotary screen printing, blind embossing, laser engraving and embroidery.
We provide all printing technologies no less our advantage is pad printing.
We have 2 single-color and 2 four-color printing machines.
We print not only our items, but also those supplied by the customer himself. Goods are supplied with or without printing.
We are convinced that everybody can choose from us!
In our offer you will find for example:

 - paintings on canvas
 - advertising mugs
 - Sportswear
 - souvenirs
 - office supplies
 - individual gifts from one piece
 - ballpoint pens and stationery
 - lighters, key cases, mugs, cases
 - lanyard laces
 - promotional textiles
 - PE and paper, shopping and cooling bags
 - folding shopping carts
 - boxes for cardboard wines
 - flash drives and much more.
Advertising textile:
 - T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, vests, jackets, caps
 - umbrellas, towels, sportswear, jerseys and others.

Office and conference supplies:
 - calculators and business card cases
 - desk office supplies and decorations
 - document folders and conference materials
 - containers for labels and adhesive labels
 - conference bags
 - moneyboxes, table hooks
 - magnifying glasses and many more.

Household Items:
 - clocks and thermostations
 - articles for personal use and use
 - lighters and ashtrays
 - reflective waistcoats and safety belts
 - mugs, bathroom sets
 - purses, candies
 - tool sets
 - flashlights and batteries, meters ...

Travel, Outdoor and Sports Equipment:
 - thermos, thermo mugs and bottles
 - travel needs
 - supplies for games, sports, golf
 - car accessories
 - reflective waistcoats for cars
 - car scrapers
 - ticket tags and cases
 - travel, sports bags, backpacks and bags

Company printed matter, blocks and boards:
 - Note-IT note pads
 - writing papers, business cards
 - plates with flaps
 - Adhesive paper dispensers - Adhesives.

Wall and Desk Calendars 2018
 Diaries and answering machines
New Year's cards
coloring book and memory game

PC accessories, electronics:
 - backpacks, bags and cases for notebooks
 - Travel USB, Card Reader
 - tablet holders
 - mouse pads and more.

Goods over CZK 10, 000 are sent free of charge in Prague but personal collection is also possible.

We provide contractual prices and discounts to agencies and regular customers. For larger orders, we also provide bulk customers with bulk prices.

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PRINTEK - Ing. Petr Nachtman
Zenklova 614/162
Praha 8 - Kobylisy 180 00
GPS: 50°6′52.34″ N, 14°28′13.87″ E

50°6′52.34″ N, 14°28′13.87″ E

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Zenklova 614/162
Praha 8 - Kobylisy 180 00
+420 284 842 120

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