MOOS s.r.o.
Vyroba svetelne reklamy

- PVC Plexiglas, plastic, polycarbonates, polycarbonate
for swimming pool covers, polycarbonate
plates, acrylic, Plexiglas:
- Hollow polycarbonate panels
- Cut, formatted plates for shelters,
small roofs, greenhouses, public transport stops
- For glazing of enclosed balconies and production halls
- For construction of noise barriers
- Advertising panel
- Sale of polycarbonate for shelters and small roofs.

Design, production, installation, servicing.

Production, installation:
- Illuminated advertisements, luminous boards
- LED advertisements, LED panels, boards
- Outdoor advertisements
- Illuminated boards, company sign boards
- Signs, advertising stands
- Signmaking
- Single luminous letters
- Neon, neon signs
- Luminous panels, boards
- Illuminated advertisements and stand
- One-sided, double-sided
- Stainless, brass letters
- Lighted profiles
- Flexible light conductors
- Atypical kinds of advertisements
- Plastic products
- Building information systems
- Promotional banners
- Milling and machining of plastics, plastic processing
- Letter painting
- Letter painting work.

Street decorations:
- Light bulb festoons
- Tree lighting.

Aluminium welding.
Plastic milling.

Advertisement design.
Promotional graphics:
- Film cutting
- Printing of banners
- Unformatted print.

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