Gantry Rail s.r.o.
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Supply and assembly:
- crane and rail tracks, railway, tram and mine rails and accessories.

Crane tracks for full-portal gantry and bridge cranes and shelf stackers.
Cranes with lifting capacity 0-350 tons
Soft and adjustable - rectificational rail fastening, with the system GANTRY, GANTREX, GANTRAIL, welded fixing clips for rail fastening, screw clips for rail fastening, soft rail pads for discontinuous fitting, soft rail pads for continuous fitting
Half-soft rail fastening, system Gantry, MX, VX,
Tight fitting of rails, system Gantry, VX
Fastening - assembly and repairs, reconstruction, service of rails on concrete, on steel, assembly of rails by a continuous fastening system, assembly of rails by a discontinuous fastening system
Crane rails according to DIN 536 type A, MRS rails, PRI rails, CR rails, JKL rails, JK rails, KP rails, UIC rails, rails of the S type, rails of the X type, rails of the SP type, KB rails, rails of the P type, vinol rails
Railway rails of the UIC, s, R type
Tram rails of the 60 R, NT type
Mine rails of the S type, Vignol rails
Other rail profiles of the GCRD type, etc.
Quality of the rails from 540 N/mm2 up to 1080 N/mm2 (200 HB - 320 HB)
Production and supplies of steel structures - steel structures according to the customer's requirements, steel structure surface finishing
Welding of steel structures, welding of rails
Welding by electrodes, welding by wire without protective atmosphere, welding with protective atmosphere
Lifting electromagnets and electro-permanent magnets with load capacity according to the user's needs.
Lifting electromagnets, electro-permanent magnets
Electromagnets according to the customer's requirements
Electromagnets for lifting devices
Remote control devices, radio remote control devices
Wheels, crane wheels, with tyres, forged wheels
Rails made of rolled steel, for railway and tram lines, crane tracks, shelf stackers.
Lifting devices, electromagnetic and with a permanent magnet.
Parts and accessories for cranes, accessories for rails,
Parts and accessories for overhead travelling cranes
Tracks for overhead travelling and full-portal gantry cranes, crane tracks
Crane buffers, hydraulic, rubber
Hydraulic-gas buffers.
Self-leveling mortars, self-leveling compounds, non-shrinkable mortar
Anchor bolts for concrete, fasteners
Steel plates made to measure for continual fastening of rails on concrete, steel plates for discontinual fastening of rails on concrete
Geodetic measurement of crane routes, geodetic measurement of crane wheels, geodetic measurement of rack feeders..

Supplies on a turnkey basis, supplies through chief assembly, supplies of mere material according to the purchaser's requirements
Custom projects
Complete service of lifting devices

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