Rott, Ruzicka & Guttmann a spol.
Patentova, znamkova a advokatni kancelar

Patent, Trademark and Law office.

The office is a domestic leader in the fight against product piracy.
Protection of intellectual property.

Provision of protection of industrial property rights for domestic and foreign clients.

The basis of services:
- Filing an invention applications - inventions
- Applications for inventions and patents
- Trademark searches
- Patent searches
- Filing patent applications - patents
- Applications for patents - filing

Filing applications:
- Utility models
- Industrial designs
- Trademarks
- Plant varieties - varieties of plants

- Appelation of origin
(plant varieties ) and animal breeds
- Filing applications for topographies of semiconductor products - topography of semiconductor products
- Business name, KNOW-HOW
- Unfair competition
- Copyright
- Licence agreements
- Filing applications for appellation of origin
- Carrying out patent and trademark searches.

For the above-mentioned fields, representation before the Industrial Property Office and other authorities, including courts.

Representation of clients in the Czech and Slovak Republics and before the European Patent Office, the Office for the Protection of Competition and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Representation abroad.

Services in the field of copyright and competition law.

Contacts with attorneys in more than 120 countries in the world.
Services in the case of invasion of clients' rights.
Assertion of claims both within private law (preliminary measures, legal actions, etc.) and within public law (e.g. customs measures).

It represents world leading manufacturers of branded merchandise here.


Patent and Law office Prague, trademarks, inventions, researches, piracy, copyright laws


Trademarks, trademark protection, Prague, the Czech Republic

Trademarks, trademark protection, Prague, the Czech Republic
Do you want to succeed with your product in the market and to differ from the competition? The resolution is a trademark that will make your goods unique. How to obtain such a trademark? We advise you in the patent, trademark and law office Rott, Ruzicka & Guttmann. We have been operating in the ...
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