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The CONTRA Praha, s.r.o. company, headquartered in Prague, specializes in the production and sale of roller, conveyor, energy and motorcycle chains. We offer products from the TSUBAKI, CZ retezy, ZMC and Kabelschlepp companies.

Chain drive is one of the basic structural elements in machine engineering. The market offers chains with increased corrosion resistance and service life, as well as noiseless, Gall and bush chains, maintenance-free chains and quality sprockets.

- Construction of the chain: plate, pivot, bush, cylinder, inner and outter link, connecting elements, connecting and reducing links.
- Basic dimensions: it is neccessary to know three basic dimensions: pitch, cylinder diameter and inner width.
- Construction of the drive: load type, gear ratio, axial distance, correct installation.
- Maintenance requires cleaning and lubrication of chains.

We can offer you the following Tsubaki chains:
drive chains:
- basic roller, maintenance-free Lambda, maraging and anticorrosive chains.
chains with carriers:
- are used for short conveyor operations and in places where noise level must be kept to the minimum.
- accumulation chains are suitable for accumulation conveyors, assembly lines, cooling and drying operations and control lines.
- freewheels are carefully machined by specialized devices to gain high precision.

The CZ chains that we offer are:
- roller chains: the most widely used in almost all fields of drives
- long-link chains: the pitch of the plates is doubled.
- MAHERA: very favorable ratio of performance and quality to price. Produced outside the EU.
- bush chains: structurally based on roller chains, but a rotatable cylinder is not used in them
- special roller chains: with supporting rollers, with a bridge, with lateral bending, with hollow pivots
- flyer chains: carrying chains used to change force direction.

Our other products are:
- conveyor chains that are used for all types of conveyors, conveyor belts and assembly lines.
- tensioning elements to cheaply and efficiently keep the chains properly tensioned
- energy chains
- tools: chain extension gauge, mounting clamps, drifts, riveting tools and anvils.
- plastic chain guides: for extreme dynamic load, complicated chemical conditions and very low temperatures.

You can find our shops here:
Karlovy Vary Region:
- Sokolov, Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, Tachov, Ostrov

Moravian-Silesian Region:
- Bruntal, Opava, Novy Jicin, Karvina, Frydek Mistek, Ostrava

In the following regions and cities we are represented by our business dealers:

Zlin Region:
- Zlin, Vsetin, Uherske Hradiste, Kromeriz

South Moravian Region:
- Blansko, Vyskov, Brno, Znojmo, Hodonin, Breclav

- Pelhrimov, Havlickuv Brod, Trebic, Zdar nad Sazavou

South Bohemian Region:
- Ceske Budejovice, Tabor, Jindrichuv Hradec, Pisek, Strakonice

Pilsen Region:
- Tachov, Klatovy, Rokycany, Domazlice

We produce our own CRS chain wheels:
they are an integral part of chain drives.

Assortment of chains in the Czech Republic:
chains, gears, moto
roller chains with carrier plates
sale gear wheels, sale chain wheels
production chain wheels, distribution systems for industry, drives
Flyer chains sale
Roller and bush chains
toothed chains, conveyor chains
corrosion resistant chains, chains with hollow pivots
heat-resisting chains, chains with rubberized drivers
chains with enhanced durability, production of chain wheels
half-finished chain wheels
plastic toothing, calculation - design of chain drive
maintenance-free pivots.


CONTRA Praha supplies TSUBAKI Japanese chains and more

CONTRA Praha supplies TSUBAKI Japanese chains and more
Chains are the basic element in machine engineering. The CONTRA Praha, s.r.o. company specializes in the production and sale of various kinds of chains and its product range also includes TSUBAKI chains from the famous Japanese manufacturer. What is more, to satisfy all sorts of customers, they are ...

Production of industrial, motorcycle and conveyor chains Prague

Production of industrial, motorcycle and conveyor chains Prague
CONTRA Praha, s.r.o. has provided comprehensive services in the field of transmission equipment and specialising in chain drive systems since 1992. We produce the following types of chains: - conveyor chains - industrial chains - motorcycle chains - roller chains - Tsubaki chains - ČZ ...
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