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Modranska 2096/6a
Praha 4 143 00

HBP merici technika s.r.o.

Exclusive representation of Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH for the Czech and Slovak Republics. Over 50 years of activity, HBM has become a leader in electrical measurement of mechanical quantities.

We supply a complete range of measuring equipment from HBM, which includes:
 - Sensors and electronics for the construction of scales
 - Sensors and sensors of mechanical quantities
 - Signal processing systems / measuring amplifiers
 - Catman and nCode Glyph XE measurement software

Foil strain gauges:
 - universal for voltage analysis, experimental measurement ...

 - Ni-Cr for extreme temperature measurements
 - used for the manufacture of sensors
 - used for the production of high-precision sensors
 - encapsulated strain gauges with high mechanical resistance
 - special welding strain gauges for stress analysis, crack detection, large elongation ...
 - Optical strain gauges for SIxxx and DIxxx systems - New
 - accessories for the application of strain gauges
 - adhesives, sealants, cleaning agents, solder bars
 - components for experimental mechanics

Measuring instruments for:
   - use in industrial applications (Canbus, Profibus DP…)
   - multichannel static and dynamic measurements (data loggers)
  Catman measuring software for data collection, analysis and export.

Scale sensors and electronics:
 - wide range of sensors for technological and commercial scales (platform, bridge, suspended ...)
 - weighing of tanks, silos, conveyors
 - Coverage range from 0 ... 5kg to 0 ... 470t.
 - compact built-in modules for weighing silos and containers
 - junction boxes
 - cabling for weighing application
 - components for weighing in explosive atmospheres
 - weighing indicators
 - batch processors
 - weighing assemblies - processors.
Singlepoint - eccentric load sensors:
 - are intended for use mainly in platform scales.

Sensors and sensors of mechanical quantities:
 - force
 - torque (torque)
 - pressure of liquids and gases
 - paths (feed, position)
 - extension
 - OEM - made to order.

Signal Processing Systems - Measuring Amplifiers:
 - measuring amplifiers for industrial use
 - QuantumX control panels
 - Somat eDAQlite
 - Somat eDAQ
 - Genesis High speed
 - Data loggers for accurate static and dynamic measurements
 - DMP 40, calibrators
 - Weighing indicators, dosing processors.

Software for the support of measuring amplifiers and data loggers is used for data collection, visualization and evaluation.

We sell our products on the basis of an order with delivery to the house with payment in CZK or EUR, in very short delivery times.




HBP merici technika s.r.o.
Modranska 2096/6a
Praha 4 143 00
GPS: 50°0′22.86″ N, 14°24′15.66″ E

50°0′22.86″ N, 14°24′15.66″ E

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Modranska 2096/6a
Praha 4 143 00
+420 224 921 861

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