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+420 734 291 111

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L. Vachy 1567
Zlin - Prstne 760 01

MUDr. Rafael Chajrusev

Rafael dental clinic s.r.o. in Zlin has top-class surgeries.
We operate in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry, we introduce dental implants, we produce ceramic dental crowns.

With us, you can safely visit the dentist, the treatment of teeth is painless.
Implantology, aesthetic dentistry and dental hygiene center are at a high level in our country.

Health service, dentistry, dental surgery, dentist:
 -private dental surgery
 -esthetic dentistry

 -dental hygiene

We provide services:
 -related to dental care including above standard
 - painless caries treatment
 - laser therapy
 -endodontics - treatment of root canals under local anesthesia
 -esthetic dentistry:
   -esthetic fillings in tooth color
   -ceramic veneers
   - crowns and fillings
   - metal-ceramic crowns
   -dental implants AlfaBio, Ankylos, BreDent
   -ceramic bridges
   - composite construction
 - prosthetics - metal-ceramic and all-ceramic crowns, bridges, removable restorations
 -dental hygiene - VECTOR treatment within one day
 - whitening, whitening of teeth
 - insertion of dental implants
 -parodontology - treatment of gum disease
 -stomatosurgery - tooth extraction, root resection etc.

Instrumentation equipment:
 -CEREC 3D - the device can replace the missing part of the tooth within two hours. High material resistance, no shrinkage, perfect aesthetics, perfect contact with adjacent teeth and short working time in the mouth
 -IMPLANTCENTER - allows extremely gentle and atraumatic bone work
 -KEY LASER 3 - painless treatment, faster wound healing, complete therapy within one treatment
 -HEALOZONE - removal of caries without drilling and without pain. Treatment time 20-60 seconds
 -Diagnodent-caries diagnostics
 -Endo IT Professional - instrumentation of the root canal - eliminates the risk of root instrument breakage
 -3D RENTGEN - PLANMECA PROLINE XC OPG AJAT - panoramic image - perfect images
 -Planmeca Intra - fast and precise imaging process, radiation dose 25%
 -RTG 3D
 -CLESTA II - Japanese production set
 -AIR FLOW - sandblaster, without mechanical abrasion of the dental crown with a brush and abrasive depuration paste very quickly and gently clean the tooth not only from pigmentation and plaque, but also neutralizes tooth surfaces from acids and bacterial residues.




MUDr. Rafael Chajrusev
L. Vachy 1567
Zlin - Prstne 760 01
GPS: 49°13′9.91″ N, 17°38′33.94″ E

49°13′9.91″ N, 17°38′33.94″ E

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L. Vachy 1567
Zlin - Prstne 760 01
+420 734 291 111

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