HAVAX a.s.
Stavebni firma Liberec

HAVAX Liberec.
Professional construction company with many years of experience and strong background.
We provide complex construction activities from the project to handing over the finished work.
Our priority is the professional quality of orders and keeping the construction deadline.
We realize constructions all over the Czech Republic and we have a team of people who guarantee high expertise and demanding construction quality.

Our construction services include:
-building projection
- reconstruction of buildings
- construction of new houses and buildings
-delivery of buildings
- high-level advice
-supervising construction supervision
-building repairs and adjustments
We realize:
- turnkey construction
- industrial, residential, civil, water management, ecological, agricultural buildings
-assembled, family houses and apartment buildings
-industrial construction of buildings

Repairs, reconstruction:
-floor installation
-insulation of buildings and their reconstruction
- roofs and roof structures
- plasterboard work
- carpentry work
-construction, system formwork DOKA
- renting formwork
-machine plaster, plaster
-ground work
- reinforced concrete structures
- steel construction, building, metalwork
- gas pipelines
- electrical connections

Construction equipment of the company:
- freight transport and mechanization
-Scania R 420 (6x4) - tipper S3 - 14 t, tipper length 5m
-Scania P360 (6x2) with HR Fassi 245 and reach 20m, tipper S3 - 10, 5t, tipper length 5, 5m
-Renault Master- flatbed - 1, 50t, tipper 4x2, 3 m
-Renault Master- flatbed - 1, 50t, tipper 3x2 m
-JCB 225 - wheel loader - front opening bucket - 0, 3m3 straight bucket- 0, 5m3, pallet forks pallet lift 1, 2 t
- Excavator tractorJCB 4CX - backhoe loader, reach 5, 8m, backhoe 30, 40, 45, 60, 75, 80cm, slope shovel, demolition hammer

Havax Reference:
- TERRACE Café Liberec - complete construction of an apartment house with a cafe in the Tuscan style
- MMT Jablonec - construction of a production facility
- TUL - built-in kindergarten on the school premises
- Production facility for Applic Liberec
- Reconstruction of the Krásná Studánka sports complex
- Apartment house Kubálkova ul. Jablonec
- IQlandia Liberec - construction of the complex
- construction of administrative building Bimont Liberec
- Reconstruction of TRW Liberec and Jablonec
- Reconstruction of Varnsdorf Dairy
- Resort Hotel Darovanský Dvůr - Wellness operation
- Apartment building 29 BJ Severka Liberec
- Man. lines in the area of the sawmill No. 8/1 - Oldřichov v Hájích
- Reconstruction of the CORSO building in Jablonec nad Nisou
- Trelleborg - Extension of the administration object
- Centrum Babylon - wellness center
- Apartment building with commercial premises in Soukenná Street in Jablonec
- Construction of Congress Center and Hotel Babylon Liberec
- Reconstruction of the building Spark - Beetle and Babka in Pražská Street
- Reconstruction of Pyramid and Glassworks in Jizerka
- Reconstruction of building no. 502/3 in Pražská ul.
- Construction of industrial hall Severochema
- Zeyerova 560, Liberec, multifunctional building
- many family houses in the Liberec Region
- Gasservis Liberec, multifunctional house
- Gymnasium Železný Brod including facade
- Pregis Jablonec nad Nisou
- Printing house RUCH Liberec, reconstruction of the building
- UB sorting plant Preciosa Minkovice
- Biston Liberec - reconstruction and construction
- Babylon Center in Liberec, construction including water attractions and hotel
- reconstruction of the Diagnostic Institute
- reconstruction of multifunctional house Severka in Ruprechtická street
- construction of 3 industrial halls for HOKAMI Liberec-Hanychov
- Jizerka manor house
- reconstruction of buildings in Preciosa a.s. Liberec and Jablonec
- building Fialkova ul. LBC - TOREX
- showroom Teximp Gbely
- villa Praha Podolí - Voráčovská
- premises of Filinger Liberec

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