GreenMech, s.r.o.

  • blade cultivator, mulch harrow, subsurface ploughs, rollers and compactomats, self-loading transporters

  • garden waste crushers, irrigation systems, cultivators and brushcutters, composters and compressors, mowing machines

  • dustbins and containers, waste separation containers, cleaning vehicles, litter bins, road barriers, maintenance of roads

GreenMech, s.r.o. in Bořetice near Břeclav since its foundation, has been involved in the production of wood chippers and shredders from development through production and sales. We offer our customers more than 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and selling greenery maintenance and disposal machines. We provide all services throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Our services we offer actually fall into the field of ecology and waste disposal.

We offer chipping wood, trees, wood disposal:
- ChipMaster
- Eco-Combi
- Eco-arborist.

GreenMech Wood Chippers:
- self-propelled wood chippers
- tractor chippers
- self-propelled wood chippers
- wood chippers.

British Wood Waste Chippers and Crushers:
- Chippers up to 260 mm in diameter
- Possibility of connection to a tractor or with its own diesel drive
- patented disc-blade system
- No Stress anti-load regulation system
- Chip exhaust 360 ° rotatable
- noise reduction system.

Wood chippers use a special Disc-Blade chipping system, which significantly saves your costs.

These wood chippers offer you the ideal balance between performance and price. For very low operating and after-sales costs, our chippers are a clear choice.

- horizontal log splitters
- vertical log splitters
- car trailer splitters
- wood splitter.

Newly we offer the splitter VMR 12-16, it is on the chassis up to 80 km / h and is approved for operation on roads.

Mini loaders BOXER, construction machinery:
- 300 series mini loaders
- 500 series mini loaders.
Suitable for construction companies, horticultural companies, landscaping, foundation and landscaping, reclamation of landscapes and terrain.

Wide range of accessories such as shovels, drills, grooves, pallet forks, demolition hammer.

Sweepers, universal sweeping brushes, sweepers.
Suitable for sweeping any material such as snow, leaves, grain, mud, clay, sawdust, sand, standing water, debris, etc.
Available in three sizes:
- width 1, 8m; 2, 4m; 3, 0m
They are used for sweeping and cleaning of dirt in industrial areas, warehouses, farms, agricultural cooperatives, construction sites, etc.

Each sweeper has 11 rows of easy-to-replace interchangeable brushes. Brushes can be cleaned simply with water or steam.
Possibility of quick and easy connection to forklift, tractor, loader. Forward and reverse connection.

Possibility of renting a sweeper on tel. 736 626 401, 736626400, 608548701

Chippers, mini loaders, splitters and sweepers will be happy to show or. lend.

Branch office Slovak Republic: Mavet spol. s.r.o.
Phone: +421 915222347, +421 905658410

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