Frajt s.r.o.
Kvalitni zazemi pro sport i volny cas


nadstandardní vybavení interiérů

The FRAJT s.r.o. company is a specialist in the market of above-standard interior equipment also with glass printing. The company is based in the Czech Republic. We supply glass lockers, sanitary walls HPL, dressing cubicles / changing cabins, electronic locks, turnstiles, bar and reception desks, identification systems and more.

We use the unique Image Glass technology - glass printing by any graphic motive, ceramic printing on glass.

We supply equipment for hotels, accommodation, sports or wellness facilities or schools. We build mainly programs for leisure centres, water parks and swimming pools.

We are the EU Member State.

Production, delivery, installations, sale, designs, designing and solution support:
- Equipment for building interiors, sports facilities, schools, hotels, accommodation and recreational facilities, etc.:
- Changing room interiors, equipment for locker rooms:
- Lockers and wardrobes
- Glazed cabinets for wellness
- Design cabinets
- Glass toilet cabinets
- Lockers for valuables
- Ski cabinets, cabinets for skis, left ski locker
- Multipurpose boxes
- Benches
- Interior equipment:
- Dressing cubicles / changing cabins
- Bar and reception desks, bars and receptions
- Professional hair dryers
- Life guard rooms
- Ticket office interiors
- Interiors of sanitary facilities:
- Toilet cubicles / WC cabins
- Shower cabins
- Urinal screens
- Shower screens
- Washbasin boards
- Doors for wet and damp environment for swimming pools, saunas, spas, waterparks
- Lock and locking systems:
- Electronic locks
- Coin-operated locks
- Standard locks
- Turnstiles, entrance turnstiles, access control turnstiles, toilet turnstiles
- Stainless components, parts and elements for swimming pools, washrooms, public swimming pools:
- Handles, handrails, facing, laths, showers, etc.
- EPOS - Electronic payment and check-in system for clients of hotels, leisure and sports facilities, etc.
- Identification systems, payment systems, access control systems, attendance systems
- External and internal facing
- HPL boards.

Joinery, cabinet-making, wood-production:
- Wooden office furniture
- Wooden hospital furniture
- Laboratory furniture.

Used material:
- High-quality and resistant HPL material
- Compact boards

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Cabinets and storage facilities


Furniture for workshops and warehouses


Furniture made to measure


Checking and safety equipment


Joinery work


Playing field and sports ground equipment