Teprostroj s.r.o.

The specialized company Teprostroj s.r.o. is specialized in the sale and production of safety components for machines and gates and automation components. in Břeclav. You can choose from products such as pressure strips, signal columns, beacons, safety switch strips, mats and sensors.

Company TEPROSTROJ, s.r.o. was established by transformation of the firm of natural person Jiří Bartoš Dipl.-ing.-TEPRO, which was founded in 1995 in Vysoké Mýto - the company is located at Lidická 1 in Břeclav.

From the beginning, we have been engaged in the sale of safety components for the machine industry and gate technology. We also focus on automation components such as control systems, industrial signaling and control elements. We have an exclusive representation of MAYSER GmbH, PATLITE, Witt-Sensoric GmbH, WayCon Positionsmesstechnik and others.

Safety components for machines - protects machine operators and other employees from injury or death, and also serves to protect machines from damage and destruction of individual parts:
- safety switch mats, switching and expansion strips, optical strips
- mini safety switch strips
- safety relays, buffers
- safety magnetic switches
- safety contactless switches and locks
- safety light barriers and sensors
- safety fencing of machines and workplaces, systems for public transport
- ultrasonic equipment
- machine guards, safety controls.

Signaling for industry - light signaling and lighting covers almost all possible types of light sources including LED chips, xenon lamps or halogen lamps:
- signal towers, lights, rotating beacons
- sound signalization
- hybrid signaling devices
- ATEX signaling and lighting
- network signaling elements
- visualization information boards.

Machine and work lamps - Patlite and Techmalux.

- for measuring position and distance
- inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic, optical, space, safety sensors
- optical sensors with amplifier
- optical fiber amplifiers
- fork, special, temperature sensors
- sensors for level measurement, conductivity measurement.

Other products include:
- switching technology (foot and limit switches)
- connectors for automation and pneumatics
- control elements and accessories for switchboards (boxes, modular lighting systems for switchboards, safety control, ventilation and air conditioning for switchboards
- security components for doors and gates
- stainless steel boxes and cabinets.

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