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+420 352 604 488

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Safarikova 532
Dolni Rychnov 356 04

Pohrebni ustav EXCELENT s.r.o.

Company Funeral home EXCELENT s.r.o. has been involved in funeral services since 1991 and our goal is to provide funeral services at a high professional level with an emphasis on personal, human and sensitive approach to clients.

We provide funeral services throughout the Czech Republic, especially for Sokolov, Kynsperk, Cheb, Frantiskovy Lazne, As, Skalna, Luby, Kraslice, Chodov and around these cities. We can also arrange international transport of the deceased by funeral cars or by air.

Call 24 hours a day at 800 100 670 (toll free for information).

Funeral Orders:
- Sokolov, K.H. Borovského 1020, tel .: 352 604 049
- Sokolov, Stare Namesti 35, tel .: 352 604 488
- Chodov, Namesti Miru 38, tel .: 352 665 363

- Kraslice, Cemetery 800, tel .: 352 696 727
- Cheb, Osvobozeni 163/28, tel .: 354 426 100

We will arrange for you all the essentials related to transportation, repatriation (car, rail and air transport) or the funeral itself (parte printing, flower funeral arrangements, music reproduction, brass music, civil speaker, grave digging, graveyard services and other related activities).

Offered farewell options to the deceased:

- cremation - cremation with ceremony
- depositing the remains of the deceased on the shake meadow
- placing the deceased in a grave or tomb, church ceremonies
- cremation without ceremony.

We also offer:

- fingerprint of the deceased from gold or silver
- decorative containers for urns
- Memorial tears in glass decorative design
- sale of cemetery accessories
- funeral ties
- chests for storing the deceased in a grave or tomb or for cremation
- making funeral notices at the place where the funeral was arranged
- arranging all formalities with the authorities involved.

We became a limited liability company in 2007. We are members of the Association of Funeral Directors in the Czech Republic and members of the European Federation of Funeral Services (EFFS).

The Employee Code guarantees a sensitive and considerate approach to clients and fulfillment of all wishes and fantasies regarding the farewell to the deceased. We organize training courses for our employees in the funeral and cemetery services.

Since 2006, we have been awarded the quality mark until now for the high level of funeral services and professional approach.

Phone: 354 426 100




Pohrebni ustav EXCELENT s.r.o.
Safarikova 532
Dolni Rychnov 356 04
GPS: 50°9′50.69″ N, 12°38′37.46″ E

50°9′50.69″ N, 12°38′37.46″ E

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Safarikova 532
Dolni Rychnov 356 04
+420 352 604 488

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