Veterinarni klinika Palackeho Opava

Come with your pet for examination or regular vaccination to Veterinary clinic Palacky Opava, which provides highly professional veterinary care for dogs, cats, small mammals, birds and reptiles. Your pet will be entrusted to a trained veterinarian who will take care of your pet's careful examination, treatment and vaccination. You can also buy quality feeds and preparations in our office.

In our clinic you will always find thoughtful, helpful and sensitive
access to animal patients and their owners, therefore, entrust your pet to the hands of an expert. We offer:
- veterinary emergency
- exposure of the animal passport
- application of animal microchip while you wait (registration in the central register)
- castration
- vaccination
- worming
- detachment of dogs and cats and other animals
- prevention programs
- sale of feed, various preparations and food supplements.

Other services of our clinic include:
- cardiology
- gastroenterology
- endocrinology
- urology
- ophthalmology
- gynecology and andrology
- dermatology
- surgery.

The veterinary office also performs special examinations:
- digital video photoscope
- endoscope
- X-ray (X-ray)
- ultrasound
- inhalation anesthesia.

Arrange an early visit to our clinic to prevent complications from your pet.

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Veterinarni klinika Palackeho Opava


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Opava 746 01
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