Zahradnictvi Petro Melnik
Fuchsie, chryzantemy, bylinky

Gardening Petro Melnik.
Growing and sale of garden plants and herbs, specializing in fuchsia (950 species), geranium - geraniums (120 species) and herbs.

Sale of plants directly in the self-service greenhouse in Mělník or via e-shop - online shop.

Offered range.
- garden and houseplants, mature houseplants
- perennials and rock gardens
- herbs and medicines
- Fuchsia, Geranium - geraniums, Begonia
- ornamental shrubs, conifers
- Chrysanthemums, Rhododendrons, Azaleas
- ornamental grasses
- balcony plants - Abutilones, Asarins, Argyranthemum, Bacopy, Bidens, Brugmansie, Cuphey, Diascia, Gaury, Snapdragons, Gentian trees, Impantiens, Isotomes, Lampranthus, Lantans, Lobularies, Mandevils (Diplademia, Sandevils), Million bells, Oleace, Osteospermum, Plectranthus, Pendulum, Sceavoles, Surfinia, Verbena
- planted hanging containers, multiplata.

Supplementary goods:
- ceramics, substrates, fertilizers, flower pots, chemical products, seeds, bulbs and other gardening supplies.

Gift vouchers worth CZK 200 to 1000 for the entire range of horticulture.

Regular events for our customers, such as Fuchsia exhibition all summer, Advent Sunday or Herb Day.

Request a free mailing of the catalog of plants offered in the Czech Republic for free or download it directly on your website!

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Zahradnictvi Petro Melnik


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