KOVOVYROBA Ing. Vladimir Herufek

Steel structures, grilles, ladders, gates, metal railings and fences are made to order by the company Kovovýroba Ing. Vladimír Herůfek from Bořetice. With many years of experience in the field, we also run a locksmith shop.

We manufacture various metal and steel elements for shopping centers, office buildings and other buildings. These are mainly small and medium-sized companies from the construction, mining and agricultural industries.

We focus on:

- insulated and uninsulated cladding of halls, trapezoidal sheets
- load-bearing and atypical structures, balconies, awnings
- sandwich and PUR panels, posts, columns, lintels, weldments, reinforcements (transverse and longitudinal)
- trusses, trusses (saddle, lattice, inclined), sheeting, hooks, gutters, hems
- roof cladding, skylights, roofing (simple, complex), sheds
- containers for buildings, garden furniture, pallets, storage systems
- railings, ladders, grilles, fences, stairs, automatic sliding gates
- feeders (screw), platforms, trolleys (cable, for energy, for irrigation)
- cable drums, doors (fireproof), walls for excavation shafts.

We produce everything in various sizes and color variants. We provide surface treatment (galvanizing, komaxit, painting), welding, sheet metal cutting, drilling, reconstruction and repair of halls.

You can see the quality of our services on the website in the review section or try us out in person. You will definitely not regret it, we are real professionals in the field.

We will process the price calculation on the basis of the supplied proposal. For our partners we also provide sales of metallurgical materials (cylindrical profiles, logs, fasteners) and consulting and design activities.

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KOVOVYROBA Ing. Vladimir Herufek


Boretice 445 (areal ZD)
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+420 728 379 254

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