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Production of illuminated advertising Prague - AAA

Our services include:
 - light advertising production mainly in Prague
 - car stickers and shop windows
 - advertising on the car using plastic film - car foil
 - company labels and signs
 - engraving, window film
 - laser engraving, laser cutting
 - LED panels, 3D panels
 - graphic designs
 - magnetic promotional showcases, POP UP walls
 - private and design foils
 - window film for buildings
 - orientation systems, stickers and billboards.

Offer, sale:
 - production and assembly of advertising stands and flags
 - plastic 3D polystyrene font
 - Large format digital printing of self-adhesive posters and sheets
 - presentation stands and billboards, totems.

Classic light boxes, anodized side panels or PVC
 - plastic, aluminum, full-screen, atypical light boxes
 - illuminating the box with fluorescent tubes
 - PVC advertising banners.

Use milled plexiglass letters, illuminated 3D font,
vacuum pressed letters, neon lettering - neon signs,
lighting profiles, text panels - LED
The color temperatures of the fluorescent tubes allow a choice
lighting according to used graphics.

Light sources
- fluorescent lamps powered by a conventional electronic choke
ballast increasing lifetime of fluorescent tube
- modern LED light box lighting, LED modules
with high luminous intensity, lifetime of light box sources
- light opal milk plexiglass light box
with light transmission, depending on the application

An additional reinforcing metal structure is included
every bigger light box.
We provide electrical revisions light box.

Relief 3D corporate shield.
- production of company shields, installation of advertising signs
Basic materials: PVC sheets, extruded polystyrene, aluminum (D / P / D) sandwich aluminum plate,

Description or graphic of the sign is provided by cut advertising or digital printing even for two-dimensional company shields.
Three-dimensional company signboards - the possibility of graphics milled from materials in combination with spatial foil or varnish.

PVC font.
- PVC hard PVC letters, 3D plastic font
- varnishing car paints, acrylates, acetone paints - material PMMA plexiglass 3D plexi font

Offset letter from facade, interior wall with easy removal and maintenance of 3D graphics.
3D plastic padded font backlit by neon or
LED technology (tapes, modules).

This creates a light corona or contour light ring around an opaque, opaque letter.

Neon tube sign, advertising panels with fluorescent lamps
Backlit LED banner.

Orientation systems are the basic means of orientation in buildings and exteriors:
 - aluminum panel system
 - non-standard design of orientation system made of anodized aluminum, glass, plastic or wood
 - orientation system - ACS Cosign
 - modular system for interior and exterior

Orientation system for indoor and outdoor areas consists of individual segments cut graphics - plotted letters, engraving, or digital printing
 - interior - INDOOR system, table sets
 - profiles can be fitted with plastic sides or aluminum sides.

Surface treatment of advertising structures, boards:
 - acrylic lacquer and powder coating - komaxit
 - Acetone varnish with appropriate substrate
 - quick-drying base and topcoat
 - komaxit painting in design constructions
 - hot-dip galvanizing of large outdoor constructions of billboard or totem pump station.

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