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PETR S stavebni, inzenyrska s.r.o.

The company PETR´S stavební, inženýrská s.r.o. from Olomouc deals with applications of industrial floors. We install concrete, armored, antistatic floors, Walastic slabs and cast epoxy screeds.

All industrial floors that we consider are resistant to chemicals, environmentally friendly, dust-free and have an antistatic treatment. In addition to laying new floors, we provide their repairs.

We implement the following types of industrial floors:
- concrete floors with classic or scattered reinforcement
- Estrix high-strength composite floors for high loads, Ferroplan floors with less load-bearing or oiled substrates
- cast floors based on epoxy, polyurethane, etc.
- trowel, plastic concrete
- antistatic

- Walastic plastic floorboards for high stress

Solid and rigid concrete floors can be used in new buildings and reconstructed buildings. Their surface can be treated with impregnating coatings or mineral grout.

The armored floor is suitable for areas where extremely high floor loads are expected. In addition, this type is provided with a high-strength tread layer.

In operations where it is necessary to ensure the removal of electrostatic charge, it is ideal to lay epoxy screeds with antistatic treatment.

We also supply abrasion-resistant and highly load-bearing Walastic boards:
- non - slip surface
- waterproof, resistant to oils, alkalis and other chemicals
- dampens noise
- thermally insulating
- they can also be considered as operation (industrial warehouses, halls, workshops, etc.)

Cast epoxy screeds are applied as a final treatment of the concrete surface. They can be used in:
- chemical, food, machinery industry
- laboratories, warehouses

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Lazecka 365/121a
Olomouc 779 00
+420 585 204 311

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