Bazeny Kostelec (drive Polman)
Stavba bazenu na klic

Bazény z polypropylenu Praha

  • plastic tanks, concrete cesspits, waste shafts, fibreglass septic tanks, wastewater treatment plants
  • above-ground pools, sunken swimming pools, sliding pool roofing, portable swimming pool covers, pool accessories, swimming pool maintenance
  • plastic household articles, plastic sports equipment, plastic racks and shelves, plastic containers and accessories, disposable plastic cutlery
  • plastic bigboxes, plastic containers, tanks for chemical industry, water cisterns, plastic reservoirs
  • round plastic rods, hollow plastic rods, plastic sheets and boards, flat plastic rods, plastic films, moulded and injected plastics

Czech Companies:    Plastic products for household and sport,  Plastic semifinished products,  Plastic tanks and reservoirs,  Septic tanks and sumps,  Swimming pools,