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Plastove bazeny na klic - akcni sety

  • plastic tanks, concrete cesspits, waste shafts, fibreglass septic tanks, wastewater treatment plants

  • above-ground pools, sunken swimming pools, sliding pool roofing, portable swimming pool covers, pool accessories, swimming pool maintenance

  • plastic household articles, plastic sports equipment, plastic racks and shelves, plastic containers and accessories, disposable plastic cutlery

  • plastic bigboxes, plastic containers, tanks for chemical industry, water cisterns, plastic reservoirs

  • round plastic rods, hollow plastic rods, plastic sheets and boards, flat plastic rods, plastic films, moulded and injected plastics

Production of custom-made plastic pools and standardized pools using the latest production technologies.
Bargain pool sets incl. transport and complete insulation.
Turnkey construction of swimming pools - from dredging to tiling.
Services and services for swimming pools.

Plastic pools, tanks, reservoirs and pits:
- high quality plastic pools made of polypropylene boards
- standard swimming pools - round, rectangular, oval
- atypical production - any shape of plastic pool according to customer's wish.
- water-meter, sewer and filter shafts
- rain tanks
- septic tanks and plastic sumps
- polypropylene containers for water (reservoirs), organic and inorganic solutions and also bulk material

Additional assortment for swimming pools:
- pool roofing
- pool ladders
- pumps and filtration stations (sand filtration)
- countercurrent
- pool heating - pool solar collectors, OVB heat exchangers
- telescopic retractor for canvas covers
- pool chemicals
- Sand and sandstone rims around pools.

Atypical production of plastic - any shapes and plastic products.

Sale - infrared saunas and luxury whirlpools.

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