PMN-Vyroba nerezoveho zarizeni, s.r.o.

The company PMN-Výroba nerezového zařízení s.r.o. based in Prague is engaged in the production of gastronomic equipment in various categories and stainless steel furniture. We also offer custom production to the customer. At the same time, we also provide installation and service of the equipment we supply with our own certified employees.
In addition to repairs and installation of specific appliances, we will perform repairs of water, electricity and waste, cleaning of greasy deposits, adjustment of burners, as well as descaling. We have most of the spare parts needed for repairs in stock.

Our products:
- gastronomic equipment
- bar equipped
- food distribution
- washing technique
- Pizza program
- combi ovens and ovens
- cooling
and more.
- stainless steel furniture (tables, shelves, shelves, sinks, hoods, etc.)
- installation of equipment
- service
- repairs of water, electricity and waste
- cleaning of greasy deposits
- adjustment of burners, descaling
and more.

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PMN-Vyroba nerezoveho zarizeni, s.r.o.


Padovska 585/10
Praha 15 - Horni Mecholupy 109 00
+420 777 006 481

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