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Cihelni 1259/74
Moravska Ostrava 702 00


Our company performs core drilling and diamond cutting into any building material (concrete, reinforced concrete, rocks, panel masonry, stone, hard tiles). We offer cutting of concrete, reinforced concrete, walls, floors and panels, cutting holes in the panel, grinding and milling of concrete floors.
We carry out the work within the whole Moravian-Silesian Region.

Core drilling:
- is used when it is necessary to create a precise circular hole in the drilled material
- in any material
- drill through holes and blind holes
- drilling holes for inspection openings, cables, pipes, sewers, passages, connections
- can be drilled vertically, horizontally and diagonally - at an angle
- we drill hole diameters from 12 mm to 600 mm using a cooling water extraction system, so that no coolant leaks out of the drilled area.

- cutting joints, concrete and reinforced concrete
- made by diamond wall circular saw, which serves for cutting reinforced concrete structures in any position
- cutting of construction openings, openings, door openings and windows in prefabricated houses with measures to prevent unwanted water leaks
- cutting out window, door and other construction openings
- removal of partition walls, separation of materials
- grooving, dilatation.

- sanding of old coatings, rough surfaces, concrete and stone floors
- roughening of slippery surfaces
- milling unevenness, old paint, glue, grooves and deposits
- smooth, polish or roughen the base material.

We provide:
- design technical documentation and static assessment
- removal of rubble and construction waste to landfill.

After completion of the work we provide all necessary cleaning.

We also provide tool rental:
- construction tools
- garden tools and equipment.

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Cihelni 1259/74
Moravska Ostrava 702 00
GPS: 49°50′48.37″ N, 18°16′15.67″ E

49°50′48.37″ N, 18°16′15.67″ E

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Cihelni 1259/74
Moravska Ostrava 702 00
+420 725 353 515

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