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HVgas is a family company engaged in converting cars to LPG, CNG and E85. We focus not only on assembly, but also on service and inspection. Our long-term experience is an advantage and therefore we always choose the best conversion solution for your vehicle. We operate in the entire Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc regions, including Ostrava.

Car service, service, car repair, repair:
- conversion of cars to LPG, CNG, E85, ETHANOL, BIOETHANOL E85
- conversion of direct injection engine FSI, TFSI
- reconstruction of the VIALLE liquid formation
- converting LPG into installments
- vehicle diagnostics, petrol engine diagnostics
- electric car accessories, autoelektro
- vehicle conversions, alternative drives
- assembly, auto electrical installation
- customer service
- service of Polish, Dutch, Italian LPG, CNG equipment
- revision of LPG and CNG equipment
- sale of LPG / CNG components
- cost savings, without the formation of carbon deposits
- double range of the vehicle
- LPG conversion insurance
- consultancy and training of installation companies
- LPG / CNG motor protection system
- preparation of documentation for conversion conversion.

LPG - advantages and disadvantages
- an inexpensive yet reliable way to drive cars
- Some car manufacturers have been operating on LPG for several years (Opel, Ford, Renault, Skoda)
- nearly 50% cost savings over petrol operation
- Quieter and quieter engine operation and less wear
- no carbon deposits are formed
- in the case of a dual-fuel system, a double range of the vehicle is also an advantage
- conversion of LPG into the vehicle (loss of warranty)
- reduced luggage compartment.

CNG - advantages and disadvantages
- is used as a motor fuel in conventional internal combustion engines, petrol or directly gas
- natural gas is significantly cheaper than gasoline
- natural gas is the dirty fuel of the present
- reduced luggage compartment
- 10 to 15% power reduction at full load.

Bioethanol E85
- conversion can only be done on vehicles that burn petrol and have indirect injection
- When driving on Ethanol E85, the fuel consumption increases by about 18%.

We also operate an LPG filling station, which can be found in Nový Jičín at:

Bohuslav Martinů 2
741 01 Novy Jicin
Tel.:602 505 600


Vialle, Eurogas, Lovato, Tahoma, Stefanelli, Autronic, BRC

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