IZOLACE M s.r.o.
Foliove izolace Zlinsky kraj

  • roof insulation, building jacketing, thermal and sound insulation, thermal insulation and coatings, rehabilitation of humid masonry

  • roofing installation, roof supply, turnkey roofs, metal element installation, further processing of sheet metal

Our company IZOLACE M s.r.o. performs insulation of flat roofs, substructures, swimming pools, balconies and terraces.
Waterproofing - insulation against ground moisture, pressure water.

We execute orders mainly in the region of Uherské Hradiště, Zlín Region.

Foil insulation flat, flat roofs including insulation work:
 - FATRAFOL foil can be laid on all common substrates and on the original covering, it is maintenance-free and resistant to mechanical stress, moisture, UV radiation, heat energy and frost
 - the insulation can also be installed on a sloping roof with a smaller slope.

Waterproofing for terraces, balconies:
 - apply foil to any suitable prepared surface
 - FATRAFOL system extends the life of the balcony or terrace floor constructions

Waterproofing of substructure, foundations of the house.

Surface insulation for new and renovated swimming pools, garden ponds:
 - mechanically anchored foil systems where the foil of different color is welded to any size and shape, with a smooth or non-slip surface
 - In the case of pools, the foil size is adapted to the prepared pit

Special insulation:
 - against radon, methane
 - against petroleum products and chemicals.

We also offer plumbing and supply material for all orders.
Maybe within the Green Savings project.
Free price calculation is a matter of course.

The company employees have long-term work experience and are regularly trained in the application of foil systems: Fatrafol, Protan, Rhenofol, Rhepanol, Evalon, Sikaplan and Alkorplan.

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