BRIO Hranice s.r.o.


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Brio Hranice Ltd. is a company from the Czech Republic, the European Union member. It specializes in production and sale of laboratory devices and testing equipment. We focus, for example, on laboratory presses or machines for building materials such as e.g. concrete or mortar. We operate throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia and also abroad.

Brio company products:
Concrete testing equipment
- High frequency vibrating tables
- Vibrating table TTT
- Water penetration testing equipment.

Cement testing equipment
- Jolting apparatus, crushing mill
- Shrinkage measuring device
- Cement and mortar mixer.

Aggregate testing equipment
- Sieve shaker
- Abrasion machine, sample splitters
- Equipment for soundness test of aggregate.

Modernization, renovation, repairs
- Modernization – curing tanks for concrete specimens, concrete mixers, specimen grinding and cutting.

Special machines and equipment
- Laboratory grinding machines, compression machines
- ASTM and ISO barrel
- Wessex – skid resistance and friction tester.

Devices and tools
- Pelleting device for compression machine
- Diamond tool
- Grinding plates for press compression platens.

Automation and machine control
- Single-purpose timers
- Time programmer with audible alarm.

Form+Test products:
Compression testing machines
- Compression, bending / flexure, tensile testing machines
- Combined and special compression machines
- Accessories of compression machines.

Laboratory equipment for concrete.
Laboratory equipment for cement and mortar.
Laboratory equipment for aggregates.
Training systems.
Laboratory furniture.

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Measuring and control equipment


Office and school furniture


Single-purpose and special machines


production of devices, laboratory presses, machines for concrete, machines for mortar, building materials, cement mixers