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The family company Plum Plum Jam - Jiří Netopil produces plum jam without preservatives and sugar-free. He farms in the area of Kroměříž, Přerov. The production of plum jam is in the village of Pravčice.
We place great emphasis on an honest approach to work.

You can also use our Grower Distillery for processing fruit ferment.

Our plum jam is 100% natural product. Due to the fact that we grow a variety that has a high sugar content at the time of ripening for higher product quality, it is not necessary to sweeten with added sugar and use preservatives during production. Heat-treated plums for plum jam do not lose their natural properties and distinctive taste.
At least 300g of ripe plums are used per 100g of plum jam.
Our product became the winner in its category in the D-Test 03/2016 and was awarded the Regional Food brand.

We supply plum jam in packing 250g, 400g and 750g and also special gift sets with our own decoration.
For orders, simply fill out the form on the website and we will send you a cash on delivery home delivery.

Pálenice Pravčice tel.:736472971 - for those interested in the region of Kroměříž, Zlín for cultivation burning.
At growing prices, every grower can burn his own ferment. We burn spirits and untraditional spirits - strawberry, raspberry, sour cherry, currant.
The smallest amount for burning is 80 liters, it is possible to burn max. 450 liters of leaven at once.
 - yeasts and enzymes for the preparation of yeast
 - distilled water for diluting distillate
 Heating furnace

We invite fans of agricultural technology to visit the family museum - Museum of Agricultural Technology, Josef Netopil and sons.

Exhibited are:
 - Machines, tools and aids used by farmers
 - equipment of grunts and barns
 - previously used carriages, buggies and tractors.

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Svestkova povidla Jiri Netopil


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