AQ PUMPY, s.r.o.

Company AQ PUMPY, s.r.o. specializes in the manufacture, development and sale of pumps. Thanks to its own production facility, it will provide you with a complete range of consumer pumping equipment (equipment) from stainless steel centrifugal, self-priming, plunger pumps, as well as water and automatic pressure stations (ATS). Employees have many years of experience in this field and therefore always provide you with the highest quality services and products. We operate not only in Hranice, but also throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.

Production, supply and sale:
Industrial pumps (for industrial use)
- self-priming
- stainless centrifugal pumps (vertical, horizontal pumps)
- submersible pumps are intended for use inside tanks, for extraction of trenches (drainage, sludge, clean water and drum pumps)
- waterworks, aggregates and pressure stations are manufactured for more demanding operations as custom or piece production according to customer requirements
- special pumps.

Household pumps
- centrifugal and self-priming pumps
- domestic waterworks
- submersible pumps (drainage, sludge, clean water and barrel).

High pressure pumps for industrial use
- three-plunger, horizontal pumps of their own design, designed to pump non-aggressive water without mechanical impurities
- accessories of high-pressure pumps (cut-off pressure regulator, shut-off high-pressure gun, high-pressure safety valves, shut-off and shut-off tap)
- design and manufacture of high-pressure units (intended for the food industry, washing lines, blasting booths).

Of course there is also providing service, repair and rebuilding of any and non-standard pumps, pumping stations and aggregates regardless of the manufacturer:
- regular service inspections and repairs
- provision of spare parts
- lending our own equipment for repair
- reconstruction and production of special pumping units.

Construction work
- development and realization of special equipment and components according to customer requirements and needs.

Rental of pressure units
- Pressurized aggregates with a pressure of 260 bar and 1000 bar (flow rate 4 liters per minute).
Official representation of the Dutch company DP-PUMPS for the Czech Republic:
- stainless steel, vertical DPV pumps (KVLV, KVLR)
- Spare parts for vertical centrifugal pumps of DPV, DPVS, DPL, DPLS series.

Providing comprehensive services for operators of high pressure equipment.
Possibility of using pumps:
- garden pumps, domestic waterworks
- high-pressure pumps (construction, high-pressure water treatment)
- high-pressure aggregates for industrial use
- pumps for service stations.

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