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The specialist in the production of automatic splitters of genuine Czech quality is the company Automatic splitters Sláma. It deals with the production of mobile, automatic and semi-automatic log splitters, which are designed for the production of custom-made firewood.

We produce logs for firewood according to customer's request. The machines are always used quality certified material. Their price depends on equipment and design.

Our products, Czech products with guarantee:

Automatic log splitter RSAS 480 E:
- maximum log pruning 48 cm
- log length 25-60 cm
- powered by electric motor 11 kw - 3 hydraulic pumps
- feeding table length 3, 4m
- discharge conveyor 3, 5 m
- drive of the cutter bar by a hydraulic motor
- control of the cutter bar hydrally
- Adjustable height of splitting wedge hydraulically
- all stressed parts - zinc and nickel
- feed table - drive hydraulic motor
- discharge conveyor - drive hydraulic motor
- accessories - splitting wedge 2-4-6-8-12 part
- splitting pressure is 9-20 tons
- splitting cycle is 7/4 seconds, splitter equipped with switching valve allows splitting at 2 speeds

Semi-automatic log splitter RSA 480E:
- maximum trunk cross section 48cm
- length of split log 25-60cm
- feeding table length 3, 4m
- discharge conveyor 3, 5m
- electric motor 7, 5kw-2 hydraulic pump
- Performance per hour 3-5 PRMS
- splitting pressure 12 tons
- drive of cutting bar hydraulic motor
- manually adjustable splitting wedge height
- all stressed parts of zinc, nickel
- splitting cycle 6 / 3s
- Including splitting wedge 2-4-6-8

Of course there is a guarantee for the entire range.



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