Nemocnice Karvina - Raj, prispevkova organizace

The hospital with the Karviná-Ráj polyclinic, a contributory organization, is a medical facility with a pleasant atmosphere thanks to the friendly relations of the top professional teams in the hospital. There is an ambulance, a doctor's office of various specialists. To the necessary extent, LPS provides outpatient care to citizens in the event of a sudden illness or sudden deterioration of their health, which, however, does not endanger the patient's life and does not require urgent intervention by the emergency medical service. We also run pharmacies.

- allergology clinic
- children's counseling
- gynecological clinic
- hematology clinic
- surgical clinics and clinics
- internal ambulance and counseling
- neurological clinic
- Moravian-Silesian Eye Center
- ENT clinic
- pulmonary clinic
- rehabilitation clinic
- urological clinic
- health and social service.

LPS - emergency:
- first aid medical service for children and adolescents
- first aid medical service for adults
- dental first aid medical service
- first eye medical service.

- Dispensing HVLP on prescription
- issuance and preparation of IVLP
- sale of over-the-counter drugs (OTC)
- sale of food preparations
- dispensing of medical supplies.

Our workplace:

Department Karviná-Ráj - hospital and polyclinic
Vydmuchov 399/5, 734 01, Karviná - Ráj.

Department Orlová - hospital and polyclinic
Masarykova třída 900, 735 14, Orlová - Lutyně.

Department Karviná-Mizerov - polyclinic
Zizkova 2379 / 54a, 733 01, Karvina - Mizerov.

Our mission is comprehensive, quality and safe care for all patients.

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Nemocnice Karvina - Raj, prispevkova organizace


Vydmuchov 399/5
Karvina - Raj 734 01
+420 602 361 069

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