Sklenarstvi Kohoutek Ostrava s.r.o.

Sklenářství Kohoutek Ostrava s.r.o. is one of the most important and longest operating companies in the field of glazing. In addition to common glazing work such as window glazing, we perform special and demanding work with glass such as sheathing steel structures with safety glass weighing up to 700kg, glass showcases, tunnels, oversized windows, noise barriers and glass cutting.

We provide construction projects throughout the Czech Republic and provide consulting and advisory services.

1. Regional activity

Common glazing work:
 - cutting of clear and ornamental glass
 - grinding
 - drilling
 - self-determination
 - production of mirrors, framing
 - bonding by UV lamp
 - installation of mirrors, colored glasses and graphical glasses
 - glass railings
 - glazing of plastic windows
 - service of plastic windows.

2. Nationwide activity

Glass roofs and walls:
- supply of glass, installation on a wide range of glass roofs (bus and train stops, roof overpasses, glazed corridors)
 - use of special technology with suction cups - the possibility of realization of glass panes even in less accessible places (oversized shop windows).

Glass noise barriers, tunnels, roofs:
 - realization of all architectural requirements.

Lift shafts:
- original and atypical solutions
 - use of suspension assembly platforms, telescopic and scissor lifts, mobile crane.

Glass tiles:
 - lacquered 4mm glass with more than 30 colors
 - thermally toughened glass with thickness 5 and 6mm in color scale according to RAL color chart
 - thermally tempered 6mm glass with graphic motif on the back.

The biggest partner - MM cité + a.s. Bílovice and Metrostav.

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