Galenicka laborator Ostrava
leky, tablety, potravinove doplnky

Galenická laboratoř Ostrava is a company specializing in the production of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements such as magnesium, calcium and vitamin C, cosmetics and veterinary preparations. In production we use modern technologies, which are based on traditional production, which are subject to strict technological and hygienic standards.

Our head office is in Ostrava and we have been on the market since 1993.
We focus mostly on the Moravian-Silesian Region, but at the same time we operate throughout the Czech Republic and neighboring countries.

In our wholesale you can choose from a wide assortment of goods, which are made by us:
 - medicines, medicines
 - magnesium, calcium, zinc
 - vitamin C
 - homeopathy
 - veterinary products
 - Cooling with paraffin wax
 - massage ointments
 - liquid powders
 - tablets
 - ointments
 - cosmetics
 - liquid medicines
 - nutritional supplements.

 - free production capacity.

We focus mainly on products that contain magnesium and calcium. Our products are developed using high-quality technology and thus meet all the requirements the buyer wants.

We also focus on wholesale production, so you can have your pharmacy or shop with pharmaceutical products.

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Galenicka laborator Ostrava


Obrancu miru 234/41
Ostrava-Vitkovice 703 00
+420 731 444 837

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