Funeral services Litoměřice, for a dignified farewell to the deceased ones, the Czech Republic

Funeral services are a neccessary part of a close person's death. Our funeral home in Litoměřice is here to help you say goodbye to the deceased one with dignity.

We offer our services throughout the whole Czech Republic. If the person dies in a foreign country, we will send the remains back to the Czech Republic by air. We hold the French habilitation and thus can, as the only ones, transport them across the whole France. We will arrange for all neccessary documents and permissions for a transport to and from abroad.

We will provide quality hygienic care and embalming or cremation of the deceased one, and a deposition in a foreign country or in the Czech Republic.

For the farewell we supply ribbons, sashes, flower arrangements and other complementary goods for graves.

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Embalming of the deceased - specialization in the thanatopractical ...

Embalming of the deceased - specialization in the thanatopractical ...

The AURIGA® spol. s r.o. funeral home is the only one running a specialized center for thanatopractice, i.e., reverential treatment of dead bodies and embalming. The aim of thanatopractice is to prepare the body of the deceased for the ...